Monday, December 7, 1998

How to accept Online Payments

Perhaps you would like to charge for access to certain content on your web site. Maybe you make something, or offer some service, and would like to sell that online. You might be designing the web site for your church, or another charitable cause, and want to accept online donations.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online
It is possible to setup your own Merchant Account allowing you to accept credit card payments through your web site. However, a much simpler approach is to accept payments through Paypal. Setting up a business account with Paypal allows you to accept credit card payments, as well as payments from several other sources.

Paypal integrates with many 3rd party shopping cart tools that you can add to your web site. But they also offer their own free shopping cart that is fairly easy to integrate without any CGI programming. Sign up for a Paypal business account (disclosure: if you sign up with this link I will receive a referral commission).

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